Antique/Classic Car Insurance

Insure Your "Pride & Joy"

For the true car enthusiasts looking to protect an antique or classic automobile, North Shore Risk Management has partnered with Hagerty – perhaps the most sought-after specialty insurer in this space.

Hagerty offers the same basic benefits of a normal auto policy, while providing valuable benefits for the most seasoned collectors.  Benefits include but are not limited to the following:

Guaranteed replacement cost

Hagerty allows collectors the freedom to insure their “pride and joy” for a value they believe is fair.  As a result, rarely does Hagerty ask for an appraisal unless the owner and insurer are unable to agree on the value.  With guaranteed replacement cost coverage, Hagerty guarantees that the agreed upon value will be the actual amount paid should a total loss occur, period.

Note:  A standard company’s antique or classic auto policy provides “stated value” value coverage – which only provides coverage up to the value listed on the policy. It does not guarantee that this will truly be the settlement amount after a total loss.

No fixed mileage – Hagerty wants their policyholders to enjoy the freedom of weekend driving without limitations.  With most standard insurance companies will limit the policyholder to a low mileage limit.

Original parts from the manufacturer (OEM) – Most standard insurance companies provide after-market or recycled parts.  With Hagerty, as long as the original parts are still being manufactured, they will re-install original equipment directly from the manufacturer.

Collaborative repair selection

You can choose how and where your vehicle is restored—Hagerty will even pay you to do the repairs yourself if you prefer.

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