Watercraft Insurance

Protecting Boats, Yachts and Other Watercraft

At North Shore Risk Management, we offer a wide variety of coverages and options for boats, yachts and other watercraft.  While small boats may be covered under a home policy, it ultimately depends on the size, type and value of the watercraft.

Basic coverage may include the following:

  • Physical damage – In general, this covers losses due to collision or comprehensive (theft, fire, weather damage, vandalism, etc), including coverage while in transport.
  • Bodily injury liability – Although each claim is based on its own merits, this usually pays for injuries caused to other people, which includes individuals on your boat, “pedestrians” in the water or people on other watercraft.

  • Medical payments –Provides protection for people who are injured while boarding, onboard, disembarking, or involved in an accident with another boat. Depending on your policy, the insurance company can cover medical, ambulance and hospital costs.
  • Property damage liability – This normally includes damage caused to another person’s property while operating your watercraft.
  • Emergency water service – Includes towing, labor and/or supplies.

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Consult with one of North Shore Risk Management’s professionals to make sure you have the proper coverage.  We can evaluate your watercraft needs by tailoring a plan to cover most exposures.